First Steps in the Pyrenees

12th June 2019

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This page links to a series of entries that I’ve made about the Pyrenees mountains, with the aim of helping people who are thinking of exploring them for the first time. The area covered is the High Pyrenees between Lescun and Gavarnie. Not only is this stretch probably the most popular in all of the Pyrenees it is the stretch for which I have up-to-date-photographs.

As always, in mountain ranges, there are many other route options within this stretch. If you’ve got any other queries feel free to get in touch; I’ll be sure to help if I can.

Pyrenees: Flying to the High Pyrenees 2013

Pyrenees: Travel by Bus — Feb 2013  — new timetables not yet ready.


Pyrenees: Travel by Train Update

Pryrenees: Trailhead Towns — Torla

Pyrenees: Trailhead Town — Benasque

Pyrenees: Trailhead Towns — Puigcerda

Pyrenees: Trailhead Towns — French High Pyrenees

Hiking in High Mountains: Do I Need Insurance?

Approaching the Pyrenees from Barcelona — Humphrey Weightman reviews the current state of options and gives a lot of other trail town information

Pyrenees: Wood burning/multifuel stoves mean peace of mind as well as giving your endless fun!

Pyrenees: Gonzo Places Guide

Pyrenees: Food

Pyrenees: Stoves and Fuel Sources

High Pyrenees in Three Days?

Recent Updates

The High Pyrenees FAQ
A Great Walk in the High Pyrenees

First steps – some options

First Steps in the Pyrenees

I: Around Lescun
First Steps in the Pyrenees

II: Around Cauterets

A First Trek on the Haute Route


Section 1: Lescun to Ayous
Section 2: Ayous to Cauterets

Section 3: Cauterets to Gavarnie (and beyond …)

This 2008 trail journal covers Cauterets to Spain, via the Ara Valley and also the Neoville Lakes from Barages.

“If Only You Walk Long Enough: Exploring the Pyrenees” This is Steve Cracknells’ cracking account of walking the GR10 — well worth seeking out.

I’ve reviewed Steve’s book here.