Video: Hiking & Backpacking in the Pyrenees with Hendrik

A quick response to my Pyrenees 2019 post came from Finnish hiker Hendrik Morkel. Hendrik’s video series features a hike he took last summer with his friend Martin. The hike started and finished in Andorra and features sections in both Spain and France.

In the videos Hendrick and Martin give the viewer a great feel of how the mountains look and feel. Being decidedly younger than me Hendrik has also used some new technology. Not only do the pictures move but one of them must have been carrying a drone — which makes for some superb ‘helicopter’ shots.

There are seven videos in the series and in each one Hendrik not only shares with his the video he shot during the day but talks to camera about each excursion.

These videos really do give you a feel for the mountains and, in particular, demonstrate the difference between the Spanish GR11 side and the French GR10 side.

The first video is here. Follow the link to YouTube to view the whole series. Thanks Hendrik.


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