Review: Living With the Altra Lone Peak 3.5


I didn’t, perhaps, get the opportunity to test these on the Challenge as much as I wanted. However, these have been used in a variety of real world conditions, on steep grass slopes, on mountain tracks — good and bad, and tarmac (rather too much). I worse these exclusively for a couple of weeks.

The longer use of these shoes confirmed what I described in the First Impressions: Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3.5 post.

I should say at the outset that these are probably the best trail shoes that I have used to date!

Comfort and Fit

A reminder; my feet are rather broad and with a high instep. One of my feet is significantly different in size to other. For me to find shoes to be comfortable they have to have a wide fitting and to still continue to grip the heels of both feet. The Altras succeed on both counts.

On first inspection these shoes appear not to be quite as wide as the Inov-8s that I have been using but I really don’t think this is the case. I’ve had no problems wearing these, even in very warm conditions. What makes for the difference in the feel is, I think, that these shoes are far more robust than the Inov-8’s. They appear to be less flexible but for my wide feet they are no problem at all. Altra recommend that you go up a full size from the UK equivalent, so for me that meant going from 9.5 to 10.5. This worked well. The Altra website has a size calculator which will give you guidance for other size measurements; on this experience I would expect this to be spot on.

General Performance

These shoes perform admirably. They grip grass well on steep slopes. They shed water as quickly as you would want The sole unit is firmer and tougher than that on Inov-8. The sole unit will wear down a little but so far these are holding up more effectively than they Inov-8’s. There is more cushioning in the sole unit, not over the top this but enough to be very effective on rocky paths. they are also far more comfortable when walking distances on a tarmac surface.

The robust nature of these shoes is not simply down to the sole unit. look closely at the photograph and you will see that the top of the shoe features mesh that has been reenforced with red stretching. The mesh itself sheds water very well and efficiently. The ditched mess seems to give more strength to that mesh top. Bashing through heather when your shoes are damp often leads to holes in the mesh but so far there has been sign of such a problem with these shoes.

The extra build of these shoes does mean they weight about 750 grams, a little more than the Inov-8’s, but they are still very light and I have not found this weight increase to be significant at all.

Zero Drop

I mentioned in the first impressions post that I was a little wary of the zero drop heel. Mainly this was because of an ongoing problem I have with a sore achilles. These shoes have not caused any problems and, indeed, the heel cup works as effectively — if not more effectively — than any trail shoes that I used to date. This might seem odd but with these she’s your feet — and heels — are more lightly to go exactly where you want them to go! they certainly encourage you to heel and toe properly.


There is almost nothing to dislike about these. True, they are expensive but these are a quality product. So far, I have found these to be the best trail shoe that I have used to date.

I’ll continue using this throughout the summer and right a long term review  then. But on my experience so far, these are simply excellent trail shoes.

Available in both men and women’s fittings


Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3.5

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