The New Pyrenees Trek Forum

My original Pyrenees Forum became a great meeting place for those who love hiking and trekking in the Pyrenees and for those interested in exploring the area for the first time. Sadly, when my internet provider was attacked I lost much of the forum data. It has taken me a while to figure out how best to re-create the forum.


I have decided to re-establish the forum using a ‘collaborative work’ service called Slack. Don’t worry. Slack is very easy to use and is free to access!

What Slack does is enable users to replace email and conferencing and bring all of this communication in one place. There are standard ‘channels’ that can involve anyone or special places that can be set up for smaller groups of people to discuss particular ideas and projects. Using the system is very simple. And Slack also allows for private one-to-one, private, conversations.

Cross Platform Apps

One of the great things about Slack is that you can access it using a web browser or a dedicated app. There are apps for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. There are also apps for IOS and Android devices.

The apps make using the system very easy and make communication when you on the move particularly useful.

Sign up the the Forum

To ensure that the system isn’t hacked again I’ve decided to manually approve membership applications — once set up on the system though there is no moderation and you can use the system as you like (within reason of course).

Please email: