TGO Planning Supplemental

It’s been quite a long time since I wrote my piece on first time TGO planning. It is still a relevant post but here are some other ideas for resources, some of which isn’t exist all those years ago.

Walk Highlands is a great resource for anyone planning a walk in the Highlands. The site combines news and views, gear reviews, accommodation listings, the OS get a map service and easy access to travel services. With just Scottish Hilltracks and Walk Highlands you can go a long way.

Going High or Low?

The Walk Highlands may be of real use to you, especially if you use computerised maps. Each route can be downloaded into your machine for easy editing.

On most of my challenges conditions have conspired to keep me low and I’ve long since decided to concentrate munro and ridge walks to shorter, more dedicated trips, But I still think about higher lis when planning my Challenge route.

These days I tend to plan a low route as my main route and then have a look round to see where I might quickly nip up high if the water permits.

In general the weather conditions tend to improve as the Challenge moves East. The hills of the North West are challenging at the best of times and I tend to think about high stuff when I get to the Caringorms. The Cairngorms is drier and by in large the path are well engineered and well maintained. And, of course, in the Cairngorms you are starting climbing at a higher altitude which means the hills are easer!