TGO — Places Guide

New for 2014.

In this section I am going to write some simple notes about the towns and villages that you are likely to start from and walk through. As ever, I don’t want to take out the challenge of planning you own route but rather concentrate on some simple information which you might find difficult to come by. These are the kinds of things you would learn from a mate or from someone down the pub! Like other leisure pursuits, hillwalking is all about passing on tips and information to those who are coming to it new.

I’m obviously concentrating on place that I have been to or been through! The comments are switched on so that others can add information as well!

I will be looking at start villages and those key re-supply/rest places that feature on most usual routes.

Starting Points

Mid Points — Crossing the Great Glen

  • Inverness
  • Drumnadrochit
  • Fort William
  • Corran Ferry

Towards the Middle!

  • Laggan
  • Newtonmore
  • Kingussie
  • Kincraig
  • Aviemore
  • Glenmore

Coming out of the high mountains

  • Braemar
  • Ballater

The End Game

  • Tarfside
  • Aboyne
  • Edzell
  • North Water Bridge

The East Coast!

  • Stonehaven
  • St Cyrus
  • Montrose