Planning Your First TGO Challenge

Glen Gour

This blog originally started as a diary of the planning and walking of my first TGO Challenge. Well, that was a few years ago now and I’ve since completed five coast to coast crossings of Scotland. If you are new to the Challenge I hope that these articles will provide some practical help!

2016 UPDATE!

By way of celebrating the planning of my tenth TGO challenge I’ve updated some key information. The new articles are listed here:

TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Introduction

TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Gear — Shells

TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Maps, Route Planning & All That!

TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Layers

TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Getting There!


Route Planning

New for 2014 I have compiled some pages which detail some of major villages and towns along the routes which might help with your planning. these will be published as produced — the first will be up shortly.

The Mustbethisway Places Guide


TGO Challenge 2014 — the New Laggan Black Hole!

TGO Planning Supplemental

Considering entering for the first time? 
Route Planning – Getting Started
Getting fit for the Challenge?
Carrying Food/Food Drops
 Using the Challenge Notice Board

TGO Challenge Diaries

2012: Torridon to Stonehaven

2011: Archaracle to Stonehaven

2010: Dornie to St.Cyrus

2009: Torridon to St.Cyrus

2007: Strathcarron to St.Cyrus

2006: Mallaig to St.Cyrus