First Steps with a Digital SLR Camera

This series is designed to help those of you who are moving up to a digital SLR camera. The series has been based on questions that I’m regularly asked. As ever, get in touch if you have queries or would like something else covered. Each post is a blog format entry and so people are encouraged to enter into the discussion.

The series is gradually developing, so please be patient!

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New/Recent Posts

Mountain Photography
Using a tripod.
Walking with Cameras and Moving Gear Around



Digital Compact v. Digital SLR
Buying a Digital SLR Camera

Exposure: Bracketing Shots

Exposure Modes

Exposure: Depth of Field

Exposure: ISO speeds

Whatever the Weather
Start Walking Early and Finish Late!

The Wide Angle

Wide Angle Perspective

Close-up and Detail



Black and White

Take a walk in the neighbourhood

Family Events
Archiving Images and Workflow