Kimberley Dame — Writing for all New Nomads …

The time has really come to share with you one of the best things to hit the walking blog world for a while! I’ve kept quiet about it but I think this is just being unfair to the rest of you.

For those of you who haven’t discovered Kimberley yet, she is a person from Arizona (that’s further away than even Cornwall folks) who has somehow found herself in Scotland. Actually, she took a walk one day in the Arizona desert and met this odd red-faced, bean-pole who was floating across the ground. We call this creature an Ibbotson. And somehow Kimberly floated back over to the S Scottish hills with one of them.

Kimberley writes the New Nomads blog of which I am getting quite addicted to. There is some fine writing here as Kim sets out to capture the sprit that she has found amongst the Scottish HIlls and Islands. The Ibbotson is often away keeping us all safe (or so he tells me). So, Kimberley has been roaming far and wide.

It is no doubt difficult for someone who comes from a place of genuinely good weather to cope with us but Kim relates her stories with a lovely and gentle humour. Try this:

Well the British weather backed its heavy wet woollen arse right onto the Kingdom of Fife today, reminding me strangely of that troubled time in my adolescence when my bedroom was in the basement,  how it took focus and a sugar high to notice it was daytime, and how I just lay in bed, in bed, and in bed, eating, reading, snuggling with my nocturnal hamsters who appreciated the perpetual night…  I’m still not acclimated to the skies in this strange hemisphere.. South is frequently east and west is somehow below me and the sun sets at 5 one day, 3 the next, and doesn’t bother to even rise the next. I’m not sure how I’ll cope with the ceiling of the sky being only 30 meters above me with the rain not falling in the normal direction of down, but somehow hanging there in a suspended stasis until I hit it with my face. Welcome to early flirtations of winter I am told. Time to foster my passion for the great indoors (as well as learn to enjoy the great outdoors when it seems to openly reject all sentient life). In its favor, moisture does enhance color, and the seasonal great massacre of foliage shines still in yellows, ambers, and reds…

For me this blog is some of the most entertaining outdoor writing around at the moment. Catch up quickly. (I think some of her US mates think that such a place could not possibly exist …)

But, not content with writing, Kim also produces some wonderful jewellery which could be of real interest at this time of the year! I have to confess that I don’t know a lot about jewellery but when I do have to buy it I look for stuff that is unusual and individual, and this certainly is!





Jewellery for new nomads!


Amazingly, I’ve not met Kimberly yet although I feel I know her well. I hope we’ll catch up soon, not least because there must be a good podcast in it somewhere.

But Kim will be on next year’s Challenge and I’m always salivating at the thought of reading her journal. Just what will he make of us all, including:

Alan ‘the rake’ Sloman — propelled by a good red;

Humphrey Weightman — Scotland out of New York and The Wicklow Hills of Ireland, and a master of story-telling;

Shirley — the mad woman of the haunted bothy;

Bob C — the kind of man who camps behind a toilet block;

The Rev Albon — “Look at it this way Andy. I could be back home doing another funeral …”

The Squire Dodwell — a real taste of ye olde England;

Lee and Tony — especially Tony;

Mr Grumpy — the mind boggles;

Lou and Phyllis;

Mike the Pieman;

Skippy the kangaroo;

Jumping Kim from Qatar;

The Towers Twins — who seem to walk across Scotland in an attempt to see whether they can actually bump off the other one without anyone noticing!

Bernie “Super Legend” Marshall — a man with real shorts;

Ant Cathcart and Dave Godfrey — two old codgers who’s hobbies include ‘pimping’ their Aktos;

And all of the serious drinking club!


One thing’s for sure Kim. You won’t be short of material. And that’s before we’ve considered the hills!

The New Nomads