The Future of the Industry Debate III ‚ The Asian Car Crash

Back to the occasional series that I’ve been writing on the future of the (lightweight) industry which for this post looks more specifically at the UK.

Last weekend while I was in Snowdonia I was drawn to a piece in TGO by Chris Townsend who talked about the Innovation for Extremes Conference at Lancaster University. When I returned I went and had a look at the conference report and was particularly stuck by the contribution of Mark Held of the European Outdoor Group. Immediately after reading this I received a message from Mike Parsons — founder of OMM and organisers of the  conference along with Mary Rose — who had been reading out debate; the recommended reading the same article. And, of course, the article got me thinking!

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The State of the Lightweight Industry Debate to Continue …

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the two threads here on the State of the Lightweight Industry. Your views and thoughts have made this not only a great read but something that should give many of us a lot to think about.

Some recent contributions and wider reading have encouraged me to come back to the subject but specifically I shall be focussing in on the UK, considering where we are and what we might learn from the USA. Thanks to Chris Townsend, Mike Parsons and Amanda from Chocolate Fish for the inspiration and ideas that will follow — though any problems with content will be mine alone!

I have also solicited a few thought pieces from people in the industry and we’ll see if they appear. First up will be from Amanda of Chocolate Fish who has a lot to say about the environmental sustainability of the industry. Amanda doesn’t pull punches. 

Sometimes it seems to me that many in the industry — or who review gear professionally — are too happy to sit in the sidelines and not to contribute to such discussions when in reality they can be important opinion formers. I hope the openness of Chris T and the boldness of Amanda will encourage more discussion and debate, not just here but elsewhere.

Stay tuned!