TGO Planning: Q & A Session 1

The first TGO Planning Q & A covers more on route planning, carry food and resupply strategies.

The TGO Song can be downloaded here.

TGO Planning Videos: Q & A

Thanks of the emails and comments about this short series of videos. Many of you have given me ideas for new subjects that you would like to see discussed. I am going to produce a series of Q & A videos and will have the help of four experienced Challengers.  Feel free to send your questions to:

andy.howell AT me DOT com

TGO Planning Guide: Internet Resources

In this video I take a look at how to get the best out of the Challenge Message Board,  take a look at TGO challenge diaries and journals and also look at community websites and how they can help us plan.

Websites mentioned during the video:

The TGO Challenge Message Board

Phil Lambert — Doodlecat

The Outdoors Station — TGO Challenge Podcasts

Traveline Scotland

TGO Planning Guide: Navigation II

In this video we play a route through the open country of the Balmacaan Forest, breaking the walk down into sections that can be fixed using features of the landscape.

TGO Planning Guide: Navigation Across Open Ground

The first version of this had it’s sound mangled on upload to YOuTube — this version is OK!  Apologies if you watched first time around.

In this first of two videos about navigation I look at how we can use water to guide us on our way!


TGO Planning Guide: Start Points and Planning On

The third video in the series looks at the various start points of the Challenge and considers their relative merits? Which are the most popular for first time Challengers?

In addition, I take a look at how — once we have chosen our start point —we can move on and plan our route East.

The video mentions a number of books to help you plan. Here are the listings for Amazon (but of course you can buy from anywhere).


Challenge Guide 1: Understanding the Highlands

This first video proper in the new series simply looks at how the ‘Highlands’ work for Challengers. If You know Scotland and have walked there before — even if you haven’t done the Challenge — then this is probably not for you. Skip to the next one.

This video assumes no priori knowledge of the Highlands!

Challenge Guide 2 will look at starting points.

TGO Challenge Planning Guides

I notice from my web stats that people are beginning to plan for next year’s Challenge. By all accounts we have a bumper series of entries this year. It seems a good time to revamp my challenge guide stuff. which is always well read. And so, this year, I have decided to embrace the multimedia revolution and to produce a few video tutorials. In the main, these are aimed at first timers and we’ll be looking at the differing regions of Scotland, start points, planning routes and so on. Mostly, I shall be using computer mapping to explain routes, navigation and so on.

These won’t of up at once though I’m hoping to gt three or four up this week. They will be about ten minutes long.

Anyhow, here is the introduction.


The TGO Song

As I’ve posted before,  I shall sadly not be on this year’s event. However, here is my little contribution — The TGO Song.

This is a marching song with a good chorus — perfected by Challengers as we marched through the Fetteresso Forest on our way to ice cream and the coast.  The song namecheck some of our finest comrades!

When I return next year I shall expect to hear it sung with gusto!

The TGO Song  — mp3

Some clever sod asked me whether there is a B side.  There is.

Here is a ballad based on Iain Thompson’s book — Isolation Shepherd — an account of his life as a shepherd on the shores of Loch Monar —a famous TGO landmark.

The Monar Shepherd  — mp3

Of course, you don’t have to be a TGO Challenger to sing the song.  You never know, it might inspire you to tackle the event yourself!

TGO Challenge Abort!

Sadly, Kate and I have both had to pull out of this year’s TGO Challenge! Kate’s mother died a few weeks ago and we are having to spend more time with her father. And just at the same time my mother’s health has taken a terminal nosedive! 

We will be back next year. Meanwhile, I suppose I should finish last year’s journal.

So, it’s back to snatched days on the hills whenever I can over the next few months. I’ll try and make these sound interesting!

For those of you preparing for the off — just make sure you have a great time!