The TGO Song

As I’ve posted before,  I shall sadly not be on this year’s event. However, here is my little contribution — The TGO Song.

This is a marching song with a good chorus — perfected by Challengers as we marched through the Fetteresso Forest on our way to ice cream and the coast.  The song namecheck some of our finest comrades!

When I return next year I shall expect to hear it sung with gusto!

The TGO Song  — mp3

Some clever sod asked me whether there is a B side.  There is.

Here is a ballad based on Iain Thompson’s book — Isolation Shepherd — an account of his life as a shepherd on the shores of Loch Monar —a famous TGO landmark.

The Monar Shepherd  — mp3

Of course, you don’t have to be a TGO Challenger to sing the song.  You never know, it might inspire you to tackle the event yourself!

TGO Challenge Abort!

Sadly, Kate and I have both had to pull out of this year’s TGO Challenge! Kate’s mother died a few weeks ago and we are having to spend more time with her father. And just at the same time my mother’s health has taken a terminal nosedive! 

We will be back next year. Meanwhile, I suppose I should finish last year’s journal.

So, it’s back to snatched days on the hills whenever I can over the next few months. I’ll try and make these sound interesting!

For those of you preparing for the off — just make sure you have a great time!

TGO Preparation 2017: Looking After Your Feet

For the latest instalment in my TGO Challenge guide for first timers, I am going to have a look at caring for your feet. Looking after your feet is pretty important — so don’t skimp here.

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The PHD Sleep System

For some years now I have been utilising my down gear as a ‘sleep system’. UK manufacturers PHD have now produced their own complete system. This is not cheap but install might appeal to new TGO challengers who have yet to compete their kit (and who have a decent credit card limit).

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TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Navigating Across Open Ground — Some Tips

This is another subject I’ve covered in the past and which is worth looking at again. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary here but just some very simple things that can always be overlooked in these days of GPS navigation!

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TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Getting Through the Day

By now most first time TGO Challengers will have created their route and probably had it vetted and approved. You will probably also be well on your way to acquiring any kit that you think you need.

I’ve decided to continue this series after a couple of discussions with first timers, really about the things that sit at the back of your mind and worry you — especially is this is your first long multi day hike and wild camp.

So, let’s think about how we get through the day. As always, the rest of the team — feel free to add in your words of wisdom.

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TGO Route 2017

Every year I post my TGO route once I’ve finalised it. So, here is the route for 2017. This is always helpful for, firstly, those who are interested in bumping into me and,s secondly, those who want to avoid me!

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TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Feet!

I intend to look at the slightly controversial subject of footwear separately — trail shoes v. boots and so on. However, this post dwells on foot care which is very important on a long distance trek.

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TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Getting There!

One of the biggest challengers facing first-time challengers, South of the border, is actually getting North! Factor this into your planning now!

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TGO Challenge Preparation 2017: Layers

When considering you kit requirements for the Challenge have a good think about layers, even if you are using the Paramo system.

Being outside in the elements for days on end can be a very different experience than a normal walking holiday, even when the weather is dreadful.  Relentless wind and rain can grind you down and really dampen the spirits. In these circumstances even and little additional insulation or protection can make a big difference.

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