Bob and I Rattle On. Again.

Let’s face it. This is a Christmas or New Year Tradition. Bob and I either go out to the hills and discuss how bad the next year will be. Or we do a New Year Podcast and discuss how bad the year will be.

This year we spent New Year’s eve having a nice time. And next day, we produced a podcast talking about how bad the new year will be.

You can find it here.

Enjoy 🙂

Bob Embraces the 21st Century


News from Bob at the Outdoors Station. Bob has been exploring the wonderful world of internet radio — he’s finally got round to buying an internet radio! All of the details can be heard on the podcast and it gives you a good idea about what internet radio has to offer.

Tune-In is a service that effectively broadcasts radio stations (and programmes) from all over e world. Tune-In is a built in feature in not only internet radio but smart TVs and in-house streaming systems such as Sonos. You can also get hold of this stuff over your PC and MAC as well.

These new radio services have transformed my listening over the last couple of years. Follow country music? No problem, here is most of Nashville for you? Jazz — any kind you like will be there. Folk and classical music are also served. But almost any subject you can think of from news to leisure and current affairs is now easily available over a ‘radio’ type device.

The Outdoors Station is now featured on Tune-In and other internet radio services. This will not only bring a new audiences to the podcasts but will allow the development of new programmes and new services. There are some new innovations coming soon from Cartwright Towers but in the meantime, catch-up with the podcast and catch up with the internet radio revolution!

The Outdoors Station is 10 Years Old — Where to Go Over the Next 10 Years?

Amazingly, the Outdoor Station is ten years old this year. Podcasting itself if only a little more than ten years old so the Outdoors Station was not only a pioneer but is one of the longest lasting of podcasts from any genre.

Now the Outdoors Station is ten it seems right to think about the directions it should take for the next ten years. Over the holiday period Bob and Rose have been busy thinking a out the future and have undertaken a SWOT analysis of the Outdoors Station — assessing the station’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Rather unusually, Bob has decided to share this analysis — and the subsequent discussion — with listeners in the first podcast of 2015. There is some fascinating stuff here,some amazing facts and figures about downloads, popularity and so on.  If nothing else what Bob talks about is a representative reflection on changes patterns of media production and media consumption.

For much of that 10 years Bob and I have talked about how it might be to develop the production base of the Outdoors Station. What future is there in video and how might this be financed? How can we provide our many thousands of regular listeners and viewers with a more interactive experience?  Is there room for a live programme that allows you the opportunity to interact with both us and the guests in real time? And what about conventional audio programmes? What new directions are that the station can take advantage of.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to listen to this podcast and then to talk to Bob and the station about your responses, any new ideas you may have and so on.

The Outdoors Station is not a commercial venture. All of us that have been involved with it have given our time for free. Even with an audio podcast I know to my own cost the time needed to properly edit and put together even a half an hour sequence. Of course, Bob has spent many, many more hours producing content for our ever growing on-line community.

For me, what has set the Outdoors Station apart from the rest is its quality. Bob’s background in multimedia production really shows and over the last decade we’ve all benefited from his talent and experience. How do we not only preserve this station but support its development into the future by way of ensuring that it meets the new and emerging challenges of the next decade?

So, for the next three months or so Bob will be hosting an online questionnaire and feedback form and we would really welcome your views.

There’s a podcast giving you the background on the station and then a written article and the questionnaire itself.

Please take the time to have a look at this and tell us what you think.

The podcast and questionnaire are here.

Podcast: Share Your Adventure

The podcast featuring Phil Sorrell is now online at the Outdoors Station. Hope you enjoy it.


Mick and Gayle Podcast in the Pipeline

Nice chat to Gayle this afternoon. Her stroll along the PCT with Mick certainly seems to have been interesting and more than a little fun. It struck me that Gayle’s blog was useful in that it explained quite well how things on the OCT worked and I also thought it was interesting that even though they only walked one section of the trail they got a lot out of it.

Next week I;m going to pop over to Gayle and Mick’s to record a Podcast interview which should not only be interesting to us but also useful to those who are thinking of tackling the PCT in its entirety or walking one section as Gayle and Mick did. Stay tuned, as Uncle Bob would say …

Glen Affric/Albeithe Podcast Up …

The interview that I recorded with Colin Brown the warden at Glen Affric hostel is now online at the Outdoor Station. Note this was recorded in the summer and not in May as Bob says! You do have to listen to Bob rabbiting on about his new stoves, but then they are titanium and you might possibly be interested!

More TGO Challenge Resources on the Outdoors Station

Attention anyone who is defiantly hoping to tackle their first TGO Challenge next year, or those of you who are interested in tackling it sometime in the future.

Bob Cartwight is putting together a DVD of Challenge-related resources that Bob and I have put together over the years. Included will be all four of the TGO Challenge podcast series and other interviews with a Challenge and Scottish themes. You’ll also find a whole lot of photographic resources that should give you an idea of the country you will be walking through. Slave driver Cartwright had me up all night searching through my extensive photo archive for inspirational shots!

The DVD can be ordered from the backpackinglight website and costs a very reasonable £4.99.

I should point out that — for Bob and I — the Outdoors Station is a labour of love and is not a commercial undertaking. All profits from the DVD will split between the Mountain Bothies Association and Mountain Rescue. Both organisations, of course, provide a great service to the Challenge and to walkers in general.

So, find out more about walking in Scotland and support two great community services at the same time!

TGOC Podcast Collection DVD

The Mountain Bothies Association

Mountain Rescue Scotland