Blog Review Policy

Over the last twelve months outdoor blogs have become the target of many outdoor companies, and PR companies, who are looking to get favourable reviews of their products on the net. Reviews by product users are valued by customers and, of course, show up on Google and other search engines. I have some concerns about the promotional of material in this way and I, myself, adopted a clear policy on gear and book reviews.


I only review gear that I have used in the field. These are categorised under the Gear Review category. Similarly, all book reviews are of books that I have read thoroughly.

The vast majority of my reviews are of products that I have purchased myself. Where a piece of gear, or a book, has been supplied free of review this is made clear in the review itself.

Living with reviews

Some gear reviews are listed as the tag “Living With …”

Living with reviews are retrospectives of gear that has been used often and frequently for more than three months. One of the advantages of blogger pieces on gear is that they can reflect on the effectiveness of gear over long periods of time, something that is more difficult for magazines to do.

 In some circumstances this blog may talk about goods or sevices that have been supplied by the commercial sector. These will only feature in the Review section if they hv been reviwed following the guidelines above.

Finally, this blog has no contractual relationship with any gear manufacturer of retailer. Nor does this blog actively approach manufacturers or retailers for goods to review.