TGO Preparation 2017: Lightweight Footwear/Trail Shoes

In this latest instalment of articles aimed at first time TGO challengers I take a look at the thorny question of footwear, including the use of lightweight trail shoes.

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The PHD Sleep System

For some years now I have been utilising my down gear as a ‘sleep system’. UK manufactuers PHD have now produced their own complete system. This is not cheap but install might appeal to new TGO challengers who have yet to compete their kit (and who have a decent credit card limit).

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Paying the True Cost of Access?

For the last few days I have been following an online debate about the pros and cons of charging for access to the Snowdon munition in North Wales. This idea has come from members of the Farmer’s Union of Wales. predictably,t he idea has been rubbished by many outdoors enthusiasts but there are some very real issues for us to consider here.

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Quiet Hills But Not Alone

From the Mynd

Mynd Ponies

Long Mynd Ponies

Mynd Ponies

Access: The Public Transport Dimension

Yesterday I finally felt well enough to venture out onto the hills. The winter lurgy (I suspect a Doctor would have told me it was bronchitis) has effectively had me grounded for a whole month! I decided not to push it too far and so just headed on out to Church Stretton and the Long Mynd, which is where I go when I don’t really have a plan.

At Church Stretton station I alighted the train to be approached by a local resident undertaking a survey about the local train service. This small line connects Crewe and Cardiff and the franchise is held by Arriva. Was I aware that the franchise is shortly up for renewal? the The local community are worried about a diminution of service. We had an interesting a illuminating conversation.

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Blog Review of 2016 — What Were Readers Reading?

Each New Year I take a look back at my blog stats for the year that has just ended. It’s always interesting and revealing,. although it’s maybe not always that clear why!

So, this is the report for 2016.

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The Pyrenees Forum is Back!

Those of you who are lovers of the Pyrenees — or have plans to explore there in the future — will be glad to see the Pyrenees Forum back on this site.

The previous forum was abandoned after a massive problem with spam. I then moved the forum to the SLACK system but this wasn’t as intuitive, as easy to find and really didn’t work! This is new Forum system should be more secure and more easy to use.


To participate in the site you will need to register. The Registration Button is on the main forum menu bar at the top of the page. Registration is quick and painless — you simply enter a Username and your email address. Your email address is held by the system only and is not published. If you wish to use an ‘alias’ for your Username, this is fine!

I’m afraid that those of you who registered before will have to register again, this will only take a few seconds. 

Introduce Yourself

Don’t forget to Introduce yourself in the Introduction Topic.

If you are a first time user, welcome. If you are returning to the forum — thank you and welcome back!

Andy Howell

Tramplite Evolves — Catching Up with Colin Ibbotson

I’m still grounded as a result of this dreadful lurgy that is going around the West Midlands. Fortunately mine hasn’t turned into bronchitis as it has with some people; the damn thing keeps coming back. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out for a walk later this week but in the meantime it has offered me a chance to catch up with people I haven’t spoken to for a while, including Colin Ibbotson. I’m always being asked what Colin is up to.

Since finishing the Pacific Crest Trail last autumn Colin has been hard at work with his Tramplite Gear. Colin’s gear is not mainstream and is expensive but it is full performance stuff that is properly proved over thousands of miles.




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The Going Lighter Guide Revisited

A few of you have noticed that I took down by Going Lighter Guide recently. For some reason this one post was attracting a lot of spam. I have re-lanched it as A Guide to Going Later. You will see a link for this at the top of the page.

I realise this is a bit old now. The general principles remain the same but I shall have a good look through over the next week or so and bring the whole thing back up to date.