The Growing Impact of New Media — Outdoors Station Live Feed

The accelerating growth of new media over traditional forms of print and journalism were rammed home to me this week, a week in which I contributed to my first ‘YouTube’ Live Stream with Bob over at the Outdoors Station.

The first new ‘milestone’ came in another area of my passion, music. For many years I have followed the magazine froots, a publication that highlights traditional and traditionally inspired music from around the world. froots has existed for forty years now and it that time it has popularised, if not broken, many forms of music and many artists. This was often the only place in which you could learn abut new and exotic artists, read in depth interviews with them and learn from album reviews. Of course, these days much of this stuff has gravitated to the internet and — increasingly — to the world of Youtube (which means that if you are reading this you are one of these weird people that still reads stuff). Sadly, after forty years of informing and entertaining, froots has been forced to cease publication; they can no longer make it work. The publisher is exploring all kinds of new ways of maintaining output but the future looks bleak. You can see the froots message on the ceasing of publication here — it is worth reading.

For a long time much of the YouTube content has been pretty banal, and in many places it still is. But — increasingly — the quality and depth of video content is improving quickly. Just take a look at these two streams to see what I mean:

The Bluegrass Situation — Hangin’ & Sangin’ series.

Acoustic I/O Interviews

A decade ago these interviews could only have been found in specialist magazines and now these are readily available — at no charge — to the world.


The Emerging Structure of YouTube Content

YouTube takes its broadcaster seriously. In the early days the company would spot content that they thought had real potential a then support these creators with advice and even gear to help raise the standards. As advertising has begun to increase the company will even get in touch with creators and let them know that it is not worth their while carrying advertising. I say ‘creators’ but in the YouTube world these folks refer to themselves as ‘YouTubers’. YouTubers are a thing.

The established — and establishing — YouTubers are beginning to develop their own common methodology. They will aim to publish two — maybe three — videos a week often on the same days to provide some notion of consistency. And increasingly one of these publications will be a live stream, again usually on the same day of the week.

The Live Streams are adding another level of interaction between the ‘YouTube creators’ and their public. Contributors are linked together using an add-on to a web browser. The add-ons give the Contributors easy access to the comments of viewers in real time, whether those comments are made on YouTube or, say, Twitter. This makes real time communication easy and simple — tire’s no need worry about audio or video links and the accompanying bandwidth problems.

My long-time collaborator Bob Cartwright has played around with new media for many years now and has achieved well over a million downloads of audio and video content.

Bob is now exploring the YouTube Live concept and last week I joined him for an on-going discussion on wild camping.  Bob is still tweaking the software and the format but he will be continuing to run this series of live events.

Check out the video abound click on the Subscribe button for advance notice of future events.

It is the future you know! As our print publications find life increasingly difficult we will only have quality alternatives on multimedia if we support them!

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