TGO Groundhog Day, Double Whammy …

Last year — about this time — I wrote my first post on this blog for a while. I was starting to think about the planning of my tenth TGO crossing. I’d done something similar the year before but family events meant that I had to pull out that year.

Keep readers will now that this year’s TGO Challenge was a bit of a disaster as I was forced to withdraw after a fall on Day 1!  (If you’re going to have to pull out make sure you doit with style!).

And so I’m back. Contemplating the 2019 TGO Challenge!

I haven’t posted much here over the last year mainly because thee has not been much to post about. I really don’t want to inflict on you another series of rather useless posts about home produced stoves and reviews!

Quite a few of you have emailed to ask about my knee injury. I new pretty quickly it wasn’t badly damaged. I probably cracked the knee cap and there was some ligament damage but noting seriously damaged.  In the first instance I reckoned on six weeks before I was hill walking again. In six weeks I was indeed walking and running for buses but things didn’t feel quite right. So, I gave myself more time. Now I’m back and walking in the hills. I feel I have a whole year of wasted ‘fitness’ to recover and so will be stepping up the training over the winter.  But I have no doubt that was wise to be careful and conservative about getting things right again!

So, this blog will slowly splutter back into life. Hope to see you somewhere down the road over the next twelve months!

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