Simply Stunning! Review: A Pocket of Wind Resistance by Karine Polwart

Regular readers will now that I am as passionate about my music as I am about the outdoors. Everyone and then something connects these two worlds together in the most extraordinary way. The new album from Karine Polwart does just that, the effect rather like being discovering the books of Robert MacFarlane for the first time.

Polwart is one of the country’s best singer/songwriters. In recent years the demands of young children have stopped her touring and she has begun to explore more mixed media offerings, mixing song with the spoken word. Wind Resistance was commissioned by the Edinburgh Festival and received rave reviews. Fortunately for those of us who weren’t in Edinburgh this has now been transferred to CD.

The story (or show) focusses around the Fala Moor bog, Sutra Hill and the ancient Salter’s Road in between Edinburgh and the Scottish Border country. The story features migrating geese, love and loss during war and childbirth. Jude Rogers in the guardian described this as “an epic, emotional endeavour and a stunning one too”. She’s no exaggerating.

This might be the most perfect thing to listen to while out wild camping on the hills.

Can you tell, I just love this! 

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