The Outdoors Station Sets a Stunning New Record

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Bob Cartwright and Honey Stove

I know. This blog is like a bus, you wait ages and then two come together!

Chatting to Bob the other day he decided (not for the first time) to put me right. I hadn’t been following the Outdoors Station properly!  I’d missed his big news.

The Outdoors Station has now hit ten million downloads. Yes, that’s right. Ten million. This is an extraordinary achievement and a reflection both of Bob’s skill and commitment and the continued and growing interest in outdoors activities.

We now live in a multimedia age. Bob and I were chatting about not only  how we rarely watch ‘live’ TV anymore but how much of our viewed content is on YouTube. Bob’s mostly download figures now easily outstrip the monthly circulation figures of the main outdoors magazines. And yet, we still have this feeling that the trade don’t treat this new medium seriously. Our traditional print media is struggling to maintain advertising revenue and, of course, this is vital to the continued health of the sector. But the new media faces even greater indifference from advertising buyers. Of course, any old idiot can create a You Tube video. That poorly produced video might be enough to answer your questions about a piece of gear. fair enough. But surely the sector as a whole benefits from consistently produced, high quality content?

Bob has always tried to operate to high standards and whenever he can to keep his sites free from rampant commercialism. For example, when Google contacted him to tell him that he would benefit from advertising on his You Tube Channel he chose to resist it.

Over the next few weeks Bob will be celebrating the life the Station so far and its clear success. I hope to be back in the studio with him chewing the cud and talking to listeners. I’e bene away too long.

I remain somewhat bemused that commercial backers seem not to properly appreciate what a gem the Outdoors Station has become. Quite frankly, given the size of Bob’s regular audience they are mad not to support it more energetically. We know there is so much more we could do to make the content even more fabulous than it is at present.

Anyhow, many congratulations to Bob and Rose. Keep your ears peeled for podcast news and who knows you might even hear my dulcet tones once again!


  1. Well deserved for Bob!

  2. chris yapp says:

    Andy you forgot to mention the 3.4 million videos that have been viewed which are of the highest quality .

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