Walt Unsworth — Thanks for Everything

I’m a bit slow with this but I’m gradually catching up with the real world after the General Election campaign.

Walt died on the 7th June and all of us who are keen walkers and hillwalkers, here in the UK, owe him something of a debt.

Walt was a prolific writer but it was his creation of Cicerone Press — along with his wife Dorothy — that impacted on most of us. Cicerone not only gave us guide books for the great outdoors near and far, but the company effectively launched and sheltered the careers of many of the guide book writers that many of us still depend on.

Walt retired in 1999 and was determined to ensure — if he could — that Cicerone was passed on to new owners who would love and cherish it. He passed on ownership to Jonathan and Lesley Williams who were then unknown in the outdoors world. Jonathan was working the City down in that London. he was looking for a new challenge. Jonathan once told me that the deal was done very quickly and before he really knew what he was doing he and the family were moving North. I sense that Walt knew  that his baby would be in good hands. Jonathan and Lesley have, of course, taken the company on from strength to strength. Walt’s legacy will live on for many years to come.

Walt was also the Editor of Climber magazine. He saw an opportunity for the development of a new magazine for walkers and walking based mountaineers. He took this idea to his publishers and the The Great Outdoors mag — TGO — was born.

Thanks for everything Walt!

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