Alternative Mapping Systems: Scribble Maps

It is a while since I have written about maps and mapping services. One of my themes over the last few years has been the impact that new technology will have over conventional maps, with the ability to create new maps from satellite information. I’m still convinced this is the future of mapping and that — over time- conventional map mappers are going to have a hard time.

This is the latest serve that I have come across — Scribble Maps.

Scribble allows you to create a variety of different types of maps, including topographical maps. the site now allows you to play around with demo software and to create your own maps. I created a map of the Cairngorms and — in an area like that — it might be ll you need.

we are some way off these becoming a real challenge to the Ordnance Survey and the like, but I suspect the real challenge is not so much technical as finding a business model that works!

There’s not much information about Scribble on their site — if anybody knows about them, get in touch.

 Scribble Maps


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