TGO Challenge Abort!

Sadly, Kate and I have both had to pull out of this year’s TGO Challenge! Kate’s mother died a few weeks ago and we are having to spend more time with her father. And just at the same time my mother’s health has taken a terminal nosedive! 

We will be back next year. Meanwhile, I suppose I should finish last year’s journal.

So, it’s back to snatched days on the hills whenever I can over the next few months. I’ll try and make these sound interesting!

For those of you preparing for the off — just make sure you have a great time!


  1. Andy: I was looking forward to experiencing the Challenge from the comfort of my computer via your blog 🙁 However completely understand the choice you have made; you only get so much time with your parents & having a happy outlook is still better for your well-being; you are never too old to do another TGO crossing…

    • Well, I still have last year’s event to write up. Actually, it’s written and is now at the proof reading stage — though as this is me this doesn’t mean much.

      Trouble is I didn’t enjoy last year’s event much as I started it feel quite ill. You can tell when your dad the text. However, it’s all relevant I guess!

  2. Rob Hausam says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Andy. It’s disappointing, but definitely sounds like the right thing to do for both of you this time. I ended up being offered a place this year from the waiting list, but also sadly had to turn it down, mainly due to family considerations. I probably won’t be able to make it next year, either, unfortunately, but if not, then hopefully will in 2019!

  3. Robin says:

    Really sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you, Kate and your family.

  4. Sorry to hear that Andy. Like you I had to abort, though for lesser reasons, earlier this year. Hope you and Kate both OK at this stressful and upsetting time

    • Thanks folks. It’s just taking up loads of time. My mother’s financial affairs are completely bonkers! We knew they were all getting old, just didn’t imagine they’d all start popping off at the same time!

  5. Sorry to hear this Andy. And for such sad reasons.

  6. So sorry to hear that. My best wishes to you both and to your families.

  7. Sometimes our plans just get overtaken by events beyond anybody’s control and priorities have to change. Sounds like you had no real alternatives.

    Best regards to you both, and to your families

  8. Geoff Cantrell says:

    Hi Andy, so very sorry to hear your terrible news, my condolences to you both at this very sad time

    • It’s not too bad Geoff but this is one less thing to worry about. Hope to see you next year or beyond!

  9. So sorry to hear that Andy. Thinking of you both.

  10. Sorry to hear that Andy. My condolences and I hope you manage to get some time outdoors this summer.

  11. Sorry to hear that Andy, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy next year all the more.

  12. Very sorry to hear this. Family come first at all times. You and Kate will be very much missed.

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