Review (to come) TentMeals

A lot of you will know that I am a great believer in dehydrating my own meals. This is mainly because my past experience of commercial dried foods was not good. However, I’m aware that things have moved on a lot over recent years.

I’ve been recently been sent some samples for review, from TentMeals. I shan’t be using these as Challenge Freebies or anything like that but I will be testing and reviewing them.

It has always been the additives that have done me in the past. This company promise ‘high energy and healthy’ food.

You can see their stuff here:

It all looks promising. I’ll be considering whether the portion size is adequate  as well as taste and quality!  The reviews might not come all at once but will start this week.


  1. Will be interested to see your report Andy.

    I had been using Fuizion freeze dried foods for a while, a little expensive but very tasty.
    Seemed to be having cash flow issues a while back but seemed to have come through it.
    Looks like they have gone for good now!


  2. Yep, price is what puts me off the usual fare, it soon adds up. One brand I used to buy now charges £7/portion. And yep, I can do without additives such as hydrogenated vegetable fat which is a banned ingredient in some Scandanavian countries I believe. I haven’t tried the home dehydration route, but Aynsley Harriot’s line of cous cous (49p/portion) plus chorizo and some herbs and spices goes down a treat, and all natural ingredients with no additives.. Thanks Aynsley ?

  3. James Butler says:

    This post has just given me a flashback to your original series of posts on dehydrating your own food at home. I ordered a £30 dehydrator straight away and it’s still going. Thanks for the inspiration.

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