The Sprit of John Muir v. The Donald

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Although this is a hiking and trekking blog  the political world does make its appearance from time time. Today though is a first — the first time that Trump has appeared in these pages.

Whatever your political views I guess — as you are an outdoors type of person — that Trump’s stance on the environment will have you worried. Not only has any references to climate change and the protection of the environment vanished off the White House website, more worryingly, a series of Federal Services, from NASA to environmental agencies, are being censored. Research programmes with cuts as well as programmes that protect and manage the environment. However, it is clear that the ‘resistance’ has already started. This piece from Scientific American sums it all up pretty well.

There’s something rather lovely about the National Parks Service being one of the first points of resistance. The NPS’s Twitter account seems to haven suspended. On Tuesday the Badlands National Park (a subsidiary of the NPS) started tweeting real facts about climate change; these are retweeted thousands of time before the offending contributions were then deleted.

This was a rallying cry for employees of the NPS to set up their own anonymous account, the AltUSNatlParkService. I suspect this will be a trailblazer for all kinds of scientists and environmentalists in government agencies who will follow with their own un-official accounts.

I think we should all try and support the rebels by, at the very least, following the on Twitter. Some will think this futile but if it encourages others to follow suit and to show the way that they are being ‘censored’ then it will be a pretty decent campaign tactic. So go follow:


Every little helps in what will undoubtably be a long war of truth, science and ideas.

If John Muir has been an inspiration to millions around the world he may yet be one of the anchors for a modern day ideological war.

At the time of writing the account has 944,000 followers, the Donald has 22 million. We have a way to go. But it is a good start.


  1. You’ve missed the last ‘r’ off the @AltNatParkSer twitter handle… a tiny typo but a big detail.

  2. TavishC says:

    Not My President!

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