The Pyrenees Forum is Back!

Those of you who are lovers of the Pyrenees — or have plans to explore there in the future — will be glad to see the Pyrenees Forum back on this site.

The previous forum was abandoned after a massive problem with spam. I then moved the forum to the SLACK system but this wasn’t as intuitive, as easy to find and really didn’t work! This is new Forum system should be more secure and more easy to use.


To participate in the site you will need to register. The Registration Button is on the main forum menu bar at the top of the page. Registration is quick and painless — you simply enter a Username and your email address. Your email address is held by the system only and is not published. If you wish to use an ‘alias’ for your Username, this is fine!

I’m afraid that those of you who registered before will have to register again, this will only take a few seconds. 

Introduce Yourself

Don’t forget to Introduce yourself in the Introduction Topic.

If you are a first time user, welcome. If you are returning to the forum — thank you and welcome back!

Andy Howell

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