Blog Review of 2016 — What Were Readers Reading?

Each New Year I take a look back at my blog stats for the year that has just ended. It’s always interesting and revealing,. although it’s maybe not always that clear why!

So, this is the report for 2016.

Here is the top 20, in order of popularity.


The Paramo Problem.

By far the most read post this year was —  This is a subject I haven’t revisited for a few years now but it was way out in front in terms of popularity. Something is definitely going on here, I can tell this from the occasional emails that there is still a real debate raging and in many ways I feel sad that it still is.

Planning Your First TGO Challenge

Another post with thousands of hits last year. It looks as if the Challenge still holds a fascination for many walkers, which suggests the event still has a lively future in front of it.

The High Pyrenees FAQ

No surprise here as this site has always championed both the French and the Spanish Pyrenees.

The Going Lighter Guide

Again no surprises here.

Review: Living with the Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid

Long term reviews of Mountain Laurel gear are always popular which is an indication of not only the interest in these products but their effectiveness.

First Steps in the Pyrenees

How to explore the Pyrenees for the first time.

Really Good Kit

Does what it says on the tin

Long Term Review: Tarptent Stratospire 2

My current two person shelter. A great piece of kit.

Stormin’ Norman Alcohol Stoves and Cone Windshields

With over 1,000 direct reads this newcomer this year, Stormin’ Norman should be very proud — hope he’s had a few orders as a result.

A Comprehensive Look at Hex/Tepee Shelters

These shelters are consistently popular

First Review: Tarptent Stratospire 2

That shelter again.

Review: The Honey Stove Ti — A Superb Wood Burning Stove

For some reason this stove has never really captured the imagination of magazines and many blogs — but it remains, year on year, one of the pieces of kit that readers seem most interested in. This is the titanium version. A great stove and real fun to use, especially in the summer.

Review: Inov-8 Roclite 295

My current walking shoes.

Hiking with Fallen Arches/Flat Feet

I am not alone!

How Not to Rehearse for the TGO Challenge

I’d forgotten about this one.

Long Term Review: Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus Pack

Another great piece of kit.

The New Pyrenees Trek Forum

The last/old new forum (replaced back on this blog for 2017)

Review: Tramplite Shelter

Good to see Colin Ibbotson’s amazing shelter hitting the top 20

Review: Evernew Titanium Meths Burner

When you need a big hit of heat from an alcohol stove, there is nothing better.

Review: Terra Nova Superlight Solar 2.2

Now discontinued this was a really good tent — there’s still a lot of interest in Terra Nova tents.

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