Time to Take on The Creaking New Year

Like a lot of people around here I spent most of the holiday period with a horrible cold bug which then went on to my chest. My usual holiday walking at to be suspended. So,I shall be coaxing the old creaking limbs out onto the hills shortly. I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly this year. In the meantime, the TGO Diary for 2016 will be appearing shortly!

Hope your all had a good break and best wishes for the New Year.


  1. Cameron McNeish says:

    Get well soon Andy. No time to lose…

    • Getting there. I reckon I’m now ready to blow away the cobwebs — maybe tomorrow maybe Monday. have a good New Year you old rogue 😉

  2. chris yapp says:

    Sorry to hear that you,ve had the dreaded lurgy . i myself was also laid up over the whole of december because i,ve finally had the foot operation i,ve been waiting for .

    • It does seem to have taken a long time to get right! Came down with it the Monday before xmas and am only just beginning to get sorted now! Loads of people seem to be having the same problem.

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