Colliding Worlds: Poltics and Tarps

This morning I was organising and speaking at a political meeting – another space, another place!

At the end of the meeting a group of people came up to say hello, exchange email addresses and so on, all of which is quite unusual. The meeting was a kind of red/green meeting looking at a local economic future that didn't rely automatically on conventional notions of economic growth.

I came to the last peronson in the line, after which I could go home.

“I need some advice. Can you tell how to pitch a Trailstar correctly, I just can't get mine right”.

I was almost speechless, but of course, I rallied quickly!



  1. Politics due make the strangest bedfellows

  2. Your trekking pole must be planted firmly in the centre with equal tension applied from right and left. You must face forward whilst not forgetting that the rear needs careful attention, as that’s where the trouble is going to come from.

  3. Ensure the pole does not lean to the right.

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