TGO Journal

It has been quiet around these parts recently. This is because I’m planning the next TGO Journal. You folks seem to be looking forward to it and I feel the pressure to deliver. the bar always seems to be being raised. And there are now so many of these damn reports. However, there’s never anything quite like one of mine and I aim to keep the standards high and the typos coming at a rate of knots!

I am just going through the usual mussing about who I can afford to upset least!

And, this year, there may also be the TGO Song to share.

Oh yes, all quality stuff.

Expect the highlights to include:

  • Gary — a new pie man is born;
  • Croydon’s philosophical musings about growing age gracefully;
  • News on the latest Humphrey persona;
  • Tea and biscuits with Mick and Gayle;
  • A little patch of paradise at Easter Balmoral;
  • A celebration of tarmac;
  • How not to camp in 1407deville Fetteresso;
  • Ice cream in Stonehaven;
  • What happens to Americans when they can’t keep up the healthy eating;
  • Sam Hacket auditioning for Village People;
  • The new man that is Alan Sloman;
  • The art of the food parcel by Dennis Pidgeon;
  • Piss-ups, breweries and a lack of bacon sarnies in Glen Mazaran;
  • An up-to-date intelligence briefing on the new management;
  • The Flying Vicar — literally;
  • Andy Marshall’s blisters (on second thoughts …)
  • Louise’s guide to scottish tea shops;
  • Walking west and not east;
  • Colin Ibbotson to go into handkerchief production.

All of life will be here.


  1. Can’t wait and this American came home 1 pound heavier than when he left ! Ah pints of Guiness

    • Craig, next time try the Cairngorm Brewery version of Guinness! You’ll; go home 3 pounds heavier!

  2. Alan Callow says:

    Looking forward to reading it Andy – especially as my own challenge was a disaster – it should cheer me up

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