Typography Walking Tour, Birmingham

On Saturday 7th June Ben Waddington will be leading this 90 minute tour of type and lettering locations around the city. The purpose is to illustrate the various uses of lettering over the years – from civic monuments to pub signs – and how effective these are. The history of the city can be told via its changing lettering from the earliest printed material, through Victorian moulded terracotta industrial signs to the modern era of non-typophile DIY efforts. The walk is intended to encourage debate on our relationships with lettering and to further hone the group’s observation skills.

Birmingham is, of course, home to the Baskerville face and much more!


  1. martin says:

    What an inspired idea! The main part of Bracknell town centre is now bulldozed, and I really missed my opportunity of photographing some of the wonderful 1960s type faces that were still on the doors, my favourite being the slightly sloped ‘Restaurant’ on the chip shop door.
    A former colleague of mine worked for GPO phones and used to tell the tale of the man who’s sole job it was ensuring correct proper and standard painted signage around the exchange.
    Personally, whenever possible in a work related e-mail response, I try to break out of standard courier fonts and into Garamond. ICL used to have their own Garamond font for use at work!

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