14th to 20th March: Birmingham’s Still Walking Festival

Pieces on urban walking here always receive a lot of interest. During March Birmingham’s Still Walking Festival will be hosting a whole series of walks that allow you the opportunity to explore the city in a unique way.

During 7 days in March, 7 walks will present a week long programme of brand new walks around the city. This time Still Walking has programmed one walk a day to allow a bit of breathing space but also to offer an active alternative to time lost in after-work traffic jams. Discover a new side to the city before sundown then join Still Walking for restful refreshments!

The Still Walking outlook is that there’s a lot to discover in the city and guided tours are a great way to do this. Our programmes highlight the many layers of the city and just how differently people see their surroundings. Still Walking guides are often new to guiding – knowing your onions is what really counts.

Once again, artists rub up against urban designers, geologists, poets and more.

The full programme can be found here:



  1. Mango Terrier says:

    Urban walking can be very wonderful, particularly within a multi-cultural environment. As an Australian Terrier I welcome the opportunity to – uh – engage with others. But, frankly, this glorious tradition of flaneurs is to be welcomed. A few hours strolling through a city is, to my mind (as a dog) equal to any amount of machismo Munro-bagging. And a tip – look up from street-level! Here you can find the true architecture, without a contemporay overlay. Just checking. Back to reading the Grauniad, oh yea.

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