Gift Your Gear: March Recycling at Rohan — Plus How You Can Help!

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Gift Your Gear is one of the most positive outdoor industry initiatives that we have seen for some time. Gift Your Gear enables unwanted outdoor gear to be used by organisations encouraging the next generation, especially youngsters, to get outdoors.

Founded by Sarah Howcroft, Gift Your Gear was set up to encourage people to donate unwanted outdoor gear want or need. Sarah, stresses the importance of reusing outdoor gear that still has plenty of life left in it, “Most outdoor gear will last much longer than we want or need it too, its full potential is never realised”.

Children and young people need to get outdoors for their physical, and emotional well-being. The ability to pay for outdoor clothing and equipment is often cited as a reason for non-participation. It’s hard to enjoy your early experiences in the outdoors when you’re cold, wet and uncomfortable. Having the right clothing and equipment helps to ensure that outdoor experiences are safe and enjoyable.

During March you can take any of your unused gear to any Rohan Shop and donate it to Gift Your Gear — they will accept any brand and are just as keen on children’s clothing as adult gear.

As TGO Editor Emily Rodway said at the TGO Awards: 

“The judging panel were unanimous in their decision to create a special award for Sarah Howcroft’s Gift Your Gear project which we feel has great potential as an initiative that encourages sustainability and enables young people to get out into the great outdoors”.


Spread the Word and Make it Happen

There are lots of ways to help promote Gift Your Gear – download our posters and flyers and put them up in your local area.

Get Gift Your Gear in the local media contact your local press, radio, tv and websites with a press release.

Use online social media like Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word. Get a well know local personality on board to help create a buzz. Don’t underestimate the importance of friends and family when it comes to spreading the word.

Download a poster or press release help to promote Gift Your Gear in your local area.

Gift Your Gear Press Release

Born to be worn not stitched to be ditched. Gift Your Gear help spread the word!

Download Press Release

Gift Your Gear A4 Poster

Use GYG posters to help promote Gift Your Gear print and put it up in your gym, office, playgroup, school or local shops and help spread the word!

Download posters here:

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