A Beginners Guide to Walking In The Pyrenees

Here’s something that I should have written about before now but time has been bait of a premium.

This is probably the first of a couple of video pieces Bob and I will be doing about the Pyrenees. Probably more importantly, this is the first time we have produced something which uses Skype technology to work with people who can’t get into the studio.  Bob is hoping to develop a format for this that will both work technically and be interesting, entertaining and informative.

If you haven’t looked at this yet please do. And then give us some feedback!  We know there are a lot of things to improve so any feedback you can give us will be useful.


  1. Bryony says:

    Will watch with interest! Steve and I will be your guinea pigs!

    • Yes, but you’ve had a truly personal service with probably more information than is on here.

      How is Steve getting on making his beer can stoves?

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