Bargain Gear: Affordable Recommendations from Webtogs

I’ve yet to write a decent introduction to my Bargain Gear series yet, but earlier this week I wrote to a number of online retailers to ask if they could recommend some great and affordable gear from their current ranges.  I asked for gear which was at a good price but which still offered great performance and light weight.

First to respond is Webtogs:

Hi Andy,

Sure we can recommend some products. Perhaps the standout item in terms of bang for buck is the Montane Mohawk Jacket. It’s a fully-featured alpine shell in stretch eVent, complete with helmet-compatible hood, aquazips etc. A couple of the staff have purchased and it’s a miracle we still have any in stock at 50% off.

We’ve got all The North Face stock at 15% off RRP at the moment – which considering the price of TNF normally, is good value (and brings it in-line with ceaper products). The pick of the TNF products in my opinion are: Zephyrus Optimus Hoodie – a great, well-featured primaloft jacket. And Point Five NG Jacket (£20 cheaper even at RRP than its predecessor in the olf Gore Pro Shell).

The Montane Men’s Slipstream GL is a fantastic wind layer at 20% off. At 65g it’s pretty much the lightest and most compressible you’ll get – good on the performance front.

There are loads of great deals (of course) in the Clearance section – but stock is usually pretty limited, hence the above suggestions. All of the Scarpa boots in there are an absolute steal – e.g. The Women’s Scarpa Cristallo GTX. Paying less than £100 for a B1 Italian mountain boot is a rare thing!

I can give you general recommendations not taking price into account if you like. Just let me know!

Best Wishes,


Thanks Phil.


The Mohawk Jacket is something that I am seriously considering myself!

I’ll get the series off to a proper start over the weekend.


  1. Just nipped over there to look at the Mohawk jacket and booo! its only for men. (and no, I’m not the sort of shape that can fit into men’s clothing)

    Now, this isn’t a gripe about this blog, because you’ve just cut and pasted a message but it did remind me of something I find very annoying in magazines. “Men” is not the default setting for everything. If I see an article about approach shoes or soft shell jackets advertised on the cover, I don’t want to open the magazine to find its actually men’s gear only. Magazines, please be clear and fair! I’m cancelling my subscription to TGO for just this reason. Theres barely any women’s gear covered. Sure, maybe thats their market, but you wouldn’t know it from the cover headlines. I’m very tired of having my hopes raised and dashed every month.

  2. Fair points, except Webtogs did mention a women’s product — but it was a boot! It looks as if there isn’t a womens’ version of this jacket yet!

    I will try and make sure I cover womens’ gear as this series develops!

  3. The Mohawk jacket does look interesting, I did a search and found this review: which when I read the comments looks like a load of rubbish “the review not the jacket”. This is going off topic but there are too many like this that supposedly review gear without actually using them thoroughly.

    We could both give fantastic feedback on the Montane Quickfire, I’ve been using it for 7 years as my main waterproof. I know you wrote about it a couple of times. I wonder what is a direct replacement for the Quickfire these days. Mine is finally giving up the ghost.

    • Good points Stephen – Montane Air is the Quickfire equivalent. Kate bought one for our October trip – looks good!

  4. I think this jacket is discontinued hence the bargain price. Doesn’t make it a bad jacket though.

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