Terry and Chris: Bound for Glory …

An interesting mix is often a good thing.

First off, take the Cairngorm mountains, perhaps best sen in the snowy winter.

Second, take one of our favourite backpackers Chris Townsend who lives on Speyside and as such has the Cairngorms as his back yard

Lastly, add into the mix blogger and film maker Terry Abraham who is quite possibly as mad as a hatter!

Somehow last year Terry was teased away from his beloved Peak District inspired to make a film about Chris Townsend and his beloved Cairngorms. Throughout the winter Terry has been struggling across the snow of the Cairngorms with Chris and filming like mad and sleeping out in the wilds. Terry had never been to the Cairngorms before!

Anyhow, Terry as kind enough to give me a sneak preview of work to date over the weekend. The tim clip that I saw featured some truly amazing scenic shots.The camera panned over wonderful, snow bound mountains and time shot photography captured the magnificence of moody skies. At one pout the shot seemed to zoom into the rather improbably site of a member of ZZ Top standing on a mountain; quickly I realised this was our hero Chris.

The film when it comes out looks as if it is going to be a stunner. You can read about Terry’s exploits on his blog and also watch some of his cuts on his YouTube Chanel.If you watch on an iPad beware, Terry’s site can take ages to load!

A fascinating project this and one that is well worth following.


terrybnd’s YouTube Channel


  1. Thanks Andy. This came in as an email on my phone at our camp just off the summit of Mullach Clach a’Bhlair last night! I read it out to Terry. By the way, I’m posting accounts of our trips with photos on my blog too.

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