Getting the Podcast Operation Going Again

What’s happening with the podcasts? One of the most regular email comments I get from you folks! Well, I’m just about to crank the operation into gear again.

First off, I have a conversation recorded with Mick and Gayle about heir excursion on the PCT last year. This was recorded last year. half way through the conversation Gayle pointed out that the mic was not connected to the recorder but the in-built mice managed to have picked up the sound. Can it be rescued? We’ll see — otherwise Gayle we will have to do it again!

This Saturday I hope to jump on a trail and interview one of the most fascinating people involved in IT and the outdoors.

And then I have a prize winning travel writer to interview when I’m in London shortly.

Sorry for the fief details, but I like to create a sense of mystery! I know it should really just be a sense of complete chaos!

If any of you fancy a podcast profile re. an interview, just get in touch. We can do wonders with Skype these days!


  1. Nice to know I’ve got some ‘nice easy editing’ work coming my way 😀

    I’m still waiting for the gourmands cooking trip rematch from 2011!!

    Not plugging in the microphone … what have I told you about ‘preparation and planning’? Gayle could give you a lecture about that … in fact I bet she did LOL!!

  2. Podcast Bob says:

    Well just make sure you edit right to the end this time and stop chopping off the last 30 seconds. And don’t forget to allow some atmos audio for fade in and out. You have the habit of editing with a blunt razor blade sometimes thus ‘You won’t have to edit anything darling’ hasn’t happened as yet 😀

    • Stop complaining and just get your finger out and up the production speed. People don’t want to wait 6 months until their product is released you know 🙂

      I’ll give you atmospherics 🙂

  3. good to hear the podcasts are back,ive just restarted my blog after 2 years of near coma on the site

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