Blog Report 2012 (For Geeky Sados)

This blog is a WordPress blog and this year WordPress have launched a new ‘Annual Report’ system which gives you a review of the year. Much of the stuff this throws up is pretty useless but I thought I’d share some of it.

Last year I wrote a piece about creating a successful walking blog. I pointed out that the most popular pieces often surprise, and most often they are not simply gear reviews! Well, the Annual report kind of backs that up in some ways and contradicts it in others!


The Five Top Articles of 2012

1. Review: The Honey Stove Ti — A Superb Wood Burning Stove

2. Dehydration Project: Buying a Dehydrator

3. Review: Living with the Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid

4. Ian Cotterill Reviews the Fuji X-Pro1 Camera System

5. Urban Walking: Five of the Best European Cities for Walking


The bloggers and ultralight gear freaks may never mention Bob’s Honey Stove but there you go, this hits No. 1 in the Must be This Way Charts. One of the top 5 was not written by me at all — well done Ian. The Urban Walking stuff always gets a lot of hits for some reason.


The Most Commented on Post 2012

Coping with Long, Long Nights in Your Shelter


The Most Regular Commenters

1. Alan Sloman

2. Alan Callow

3, Chris Yapp

Thanks folks. Either you are completely barmy or there is some point non continuing to churn this stuff out.


Where do my readers come from?

This is interesting, well at least to me.  A couple of years I did a post asking people to identify where they were in the world an it was quite surprising. WordPress’ interactive global map tells me that I have reads in almost every major place in the world! Weird.

As you might expect North America is well represented. I was surprised by South America where only Guyana and Surinam are missing — interestingly I have mentioned both of these countries in book reviews during the year.

I have a follower in the Falkland Islands, mind you I’m not sure if I should include that in South America or not!

Africa also features remarkably highly. The absences here are understandable I guess: Somalia and Libya have other issues on their minds. And it would appear that equatorial Africa is not so interested in UK hill walking!

Elsewhere, Iran pops up and Saudi Arabia surprisingly regularly — desert states seem more interested in this than tropical rainforest places. Despite obvious distractions I have three regular followers in Syria — perhaps the president is looking for some new things to do when he eventually retires. No interest from Iraq! 

Asia are really strong followers of the blog. Japan hits the most heights which doesn’t surprise me as this seems to be where the most obsessive gear freaks are located. Vietnam, Cambodia and China — well I guess these are gear manufactures. 

And who on earth is reading in New Caledonia?



There are some big questions here!

I could put them all int a series of graphs, but really I think I should leave all that to Gayle!

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