More on Google and Webstats

It is nice when you wale up and realise that you are not completely mad!

A month of so ago I wrote a piece about blog/webstats. It seemed to me that Google Analytics was over estimating the referrals to and from their own sites, i.e. Blogger blogs. A number of people wrote to me telling me that the had the same suspicions.

Well, it appears we were right and that the practice is far more widespread than we think. The EU has given Google a month to change its promotion system which sees it giving search result prominence to those products and companies that it owns!

We are talking about big money and commercial products here but I’m now left in no doubt that my suspicions about the accuracy of Analytics were right.

When it comes to blogs I think I’ve now found the best stats package yet. This is Jetpack which is available for the WordPress stable. Jetpack works from the actual WordPress database itself and so as far a I can see is very accurate. The downside I guess is that jetpack is only available for WordPress but then as WordPress is open source I really can’t see why people chose blogger over it.

Jetpack is limited to blog data and as such doesn’t monitor other file downloads and such; I continue to use Matrixstats for that. But if you wan tho properly analyse your blog traffic then this really is a superb tool.


  1. Don’t be so hasty – my 2011 Jetpack Annual Report was a crock of 5h1t, they had three attempts at getting it right and none of them were accurate. refers.

    • So far, my daily reports on Jetpack seem to be OK. I don’t rely on any one system for the overall stats, rather I get an an impression from the combination of all of them

  2. Paul Webster says:


    What Google are being criticised for is favouring its products in search results, not fixing the statistics in analytics (which I’ve never heard anyone suggest).

    For example, Google+ pages coming up higher than Facebook pages in personalised search results for example. Google’s defence is that Facebook (and other networks) don’t allow them to crawl all their content so they can’t be indexed in the same way as Google+.

    • Paul, firstly — sorry you were caught in a spam filter and I’ve only just retrieved this comment.

      My point might be associated and relates to a comment I first made several months ago. Looking at my webstats I think Google Analytics over emphasises referrals from Blogger! A few other people have told me they have suspected the same thing!

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