Ian Cotterill Reviews the Fuji X-Pro1 Camera System















Ian Cotterill, Hiker and Photographer

The Fuji X-Pro system has certainly captured the imagination of a lot of photographers. However,  there is very little on the web by way of in-depth review of the new machine. Ian must have been one of the first in the UK to buy the new system, both the camera and the new prime lenses that came with it.

I asked Ian if he could find the time to give us the benefit of his experiences with the X-Pro and he’s delivered. The review (pdf) is downloadable here:

Ian Cotterill reviews the Fuji X Pro System.


  1. Eddie says:

    Thanks for arranging that Andy.
    I suspect that I will hold off and wait for the impending X200. Can’t be too long now the way the prices for the X100 are falling.

  2. If your readers need a review of the X-Pro I suggest looking here http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/fuji-x-pro1/fuji-x-pro1A.HTM. Paul M

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