Timoleague, West Cork


1/1000, f8, ISO 50 at 24mm. Tripod.


  1. The photo is truly award winning. It is so nice and captivating. Keep up the great job! Looking forward for more of your works. Cheers!

  2. Graeme Stewart says:

    I lived in Timoleague in the early 1980’s. For a number of months. Hmmm, Big Deal, you might say, yes, Quite so, I know.

    But I find no evidence for the prior existence of the converted nun’s Convent in which I demurred, – anywhere on ‘The Net’. I don’t suppose there’s any point in asking here: Have you seen a former Nun’s (RC) Convent; which also become later a IYHA Youth Hostel? It’s missing from the time-line. Or perhaps it was demolished?

    NB. The Lost building of which I inquire is not a Monastery, or ‘The Monastery’.

    Any Further suggestions for research into Timoleague history of the last ½ Century?

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