The Return of the Monster, 2012

Food dehydration or Scotland is now in full swing. As usual I shall make more dehydrated food than I need and will use much of it up in other trips and overnights this summer. It’s funny how much easier when you are just dehydrating for one.

This year I started with good chilli — I do like a good Chilli when I am out in the wilds. Apart from the dehydrator itself the best buy I ever made was a mincer attachment for my food mixer. A mixer gets rid of gristle effectively if you start with good meat in the first place. This chilli was made with beef. With red meat but the meat through the mincer three times and you can spread the stuff on fast, it is so smooth. Kidney beans, some beer, tomato pasata and we are on the way.

Today I knocked up one of my favourites. This time the base was chicken but it could easily have been lamb or beef. Into the pot goes tons of onion, garlic and celery. Then thinly sliced pieces of carrot, parsnip and swede are added in big quantities. Pasata and a glass of red wine follow together with some dried oregano and then a load of thinly sliced mushrooms and some  pearl barley. A wonderful kind of farmhouse stew. The root vegetables are the star here as their natural sweetness is real welcome when you bring the stuff back to life.

A feature of each evening for the next week or so will be the humming of the monster as it chugs and grunts away in the corner of the kitchen.

I could always buy the commercial stuff but it would cast a fortune and would taste nowhere near as nice. This stuff gives me something to look forward to the end of hard and wet day’s walk.

Now back to the chugging machine …

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