Stockport and Monobo – Nice People All!

Some weeks are nice and this one has been pretty good. The Stockport evening went well. These are lovely folks who run a very good walking club with regular walks and guest speakers. Thank you Colin and Helen. I’m going to have to do a new walk just to come back!

Yesterday evening I recorded a podcast Interview with Christy Acton of Monobo Adventures. Christy’s new company has some interesting new destinations in its portfolio. The trek in Kyrgyzstan, amongst nomadic people who’s way of life has existed for thousands of years is a particular highlight.

I’ll be writing some more about Monobo shortly and will put up an extract of the interview here as soon as possible. But it’s worth checking out the Monobo website and blog now. Each holiday and trek comes with a pretty detailed trek dossier and these are well worth studying.


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