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Jonathon “Frenchie” Le Galloudec

Energizer batteries are sponsoring the Heroes Everest Base Camp Expedition. They have been in touch to promote the expedition and are “hoping to inspire the nation to make a positive impact and help give something back to our heroic servicemen and women who have given so much to protect us”.

They believe that everyone has the power to make a difference and have pledged to donate £100,000 to H4H and a further £20K if a Facebook likes target is reached, as part of their Be a Hero campaign.

Energizer is also sponsoring wounded soldier Lance Corporal Jonathon “Frenchie” Le Galloudec who together with his ex-servicemen father Steve, will face the steep task of climbing 17,950 ft to Mount Everest’s base camp.

This will be a massive challenge for Jon as he was wounded in Iraq in 2007, sustaining a gunshot wound to his spine which has left him partly parlaysed. He continually pushes himself to be the best he can be and is a true inspiration. To find out more about Jonathon’s story, here is a link to an article recently featured in GQ magazine.

The Expedition runs from the 4th to 22nd November and will all be personally documented with video diaries, blogs and tweets on the Energizer website, the Facebook page as well as the official Twitter page.


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