Help Kickstart Hendrik’s A to Z Video Guide to Lightweight Backpacking

A couple of weeks ago I plugged Kimberlie Dame’s new project which anyone can support through the Kickstart Website. Kickstart is a new kind of community where people can get together and back a new initiative, idea, service or product — it’s a bit like Just Giving, but for business purposes.

Once you discover Kickstart you find that the projects come at you at a hell of a speed!

A new project of interest to this readership is Hendrik Morkel’s A-Z of Lightweight Backpacking project. Hendrik is aiming to raise enough funds to produce a first batch of 26 of these videos. Investors receive a whole series of goodies, including a DVD box set of the finished series.

You can learn more about Hendrik’s project on Kickstart here.

Here is a sample video:




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