When is a New Computerised Map Not a New Map?

I’ve made an interesting discovery this evening that I thought I’d share with you.

I planned my TGO route this year using Anquet for the Mac. There’s been a lot of debate about this on these pages with various people expressing disappointment with the programme.

Tonight I was checking the route out of Dalwhinnie — I still fancy a change of route. One idea I’ve been playing with is to walk SE out of Dalwhinnie, taking a track after Snow Gate out onto open ground and then taking in a chain of small hills that form the county boundary. I was checking the route on my iphone using Routebuddy Atlas. I noticed a path that I didn’t remember from route planning. At grid reference NN 660 801 the path reaches a small hill top. On my Anquet map the path stops here. But on the Routebuddy Map a path makes its way NE (in the direction I’m thinking of going) and another runs South to skirt Bhuideanach.

What puzzles me is that I bought the Anquet Map a year or more after I bought the Routebuddy Map and yet the latter is clearly more up to date.

This makes me wonder whether I should check the whole of my route using Routebuddy Maps.

Anquet (or rather VP) keep sending me emails announcing discount sales for their maps — maybe this is because they’re flogging old versions of maps. I presume that have to pay something for the new and up to date data.

This data makes quite a difference to my approach to the route. I’d assumed there would be some kind of path that followed the county line although it doesn’t show on the maps. The RB map a major track heading in this direction and so I guess there will be a clear route, which might be important in bad weather. The new data prompted me to check the route on the OS 1:25 maps (on Get A Map). The new path clearly follows a wall or fence that hugs the county boundary and so navigation in bad visibility will be a lot easier.

It makes you think this. Why are VP/Anquet selling older versions of OS data than others?


  1. I have always found Anquet to be RELIABLY AWFUL at everything they do: Customer Service? Dreadful. Maps themselves? Mine were out of date when I bought them brand new too!
    They are a total pile of crap, Andy – I believe I have mentioned this in the past on here… Strange I have never ever heard from Anquet.
    I was nigh on impossible to talk to them when I bought the stuff brand new!

    Looking at the maps on Bing, your Anquet is dreadfully out of date.

  2. On my Tracklogs mapping I have the two paths shown on Routebuddy. Glad I didn’t buy Anquet!

  3. Andy – regardless of what Anquet may or may not indicate (my old version still seems to work fine) the ‘baggers path’ directly up to Carn na Caim via Coire Uilleim is much more enjoyable than the track to the quarry. It’s then an easy walk around the watershed to Glas Mheall Mor (another ‘baggers path’, no doubt) from where it’s an easy descent to Edendon Water. Sue and I enjoyed this in 2009:

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