Well, That’s Another One Gone …

So, another Christmas is out of the way. Mostly around here it was bloody cold but thankfully the thaw has come just as we are about to journey to Snowdonia for the New Year.

How was your Christmas? True to form Santa deposited a set of backpackinglight UK bits and pieces. This year it was a pocket telescope — which might actually be useful; we’ll see. This was accompanied by a very bizarre kitchen set. There were some micro bottles which will probably come in handy. But then there was a tiny cheese grater! And some other things the actual use of completely elude me. I know Bob is a perfectionist — and a backpacker who likes hi comforts — so maybe he spends the evenings grating cheese? Who knows. On the other hand this set of mini culinary delights might appeal to backpackers of Humphrey-like nature.

By far the best present this Christmas was a copy of Rachel Hewitt’s ‘biography’ of the Ordnance Survey. I’m currently a third of the way through and, of course, a full review will follow. But I can tell you that this is a superb book, detailing the lives and stories of those who did the foundation work on which the OS was built. A must for anyone like me who is obsessed with maps!

Tomorrow we will set off for Capel Curig. Most evenings you’ll find us in the Bryn Tyrch Inn on the A5. If you’re around come and say hello. With luck Mr Ibbotson will be joining us and possibly Mr Lightweight Turner as well!

Me, I’m just looking forward to some aimless rambling in the hills and on the area’s magnificent beaches, camera and tripod in hand. Let’s see what I come back with!


  1. Humphrey Weightman says:

    A tiny cheese-grater is right up my street! And, yes, I have been using the Ikea Doll’s Kitchen Set, which is very wonderful. The OS Biography is a splendid book.

    All the beast for 2011

  2. Having just tucked into a rather impressive leg of lamb with Herr Ibbotson in Betws-y-Coed I can assure you that we’ll both be there. Or in Cunninghams.

    • Betwys Cunningham’s – happiest gear shop in the world! Brian & Alan deserve an honour!

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