Ragleth Grave

Ragleth Grave


This very moving grave sits at the base of Ragleth Hill, not in a grave yard but alone under woodland trees. I’ve always found this to be quite moving. Craig bullock was a carpenter, “tragically killed” on 4th October 2002 at the age of 30.

The memorial stone features this poem which may have been written specially — I can’t find any reference to it on the net. If you know it, then let me know.


Country Blood

I am of the countryside

Carved out of the oaktree bark

And I am of the wild free wind

That bears the soaring lark.

Part of the upturned earth am I,

One with the cornfield sea,

And I exist in the quet green hill

And it exists in me.


Here all the dainty weeds are mine

That blows along the way,

And all the little resting things

Whose heart beat for a day.

My peace is where the velvet dew

Sleeps under hanging mists;

Where the cavernous forest deeps and dims

My secret soul exists.


A moving spot. Look carefully and you can see a can of Strongbow as part of the memorial!


  1. Hi Andy, I too came across this memorial when walking very recently. I was deeply moved and paused for a few moments to take it all in. i know nothing of this man but he was obviously much loved. Looking around at the other carvings in the close by stream area I wonder if this was his workshop. I have tried looking up the details of his death but have found nothing in the local area archives. Like yourself, i have found no reference to the poem. Well done mate.

    Steve Lewis, fellow walker and lover of peace and beauty.

  2. Leigh Welch says:

    Walked past this grave last Friday on an organised walk and like you both wondered what had happened to this young man. My two elderly friends who have lived in the area all their lives tell me the young chap was knocked ever crossing the A49 after a session. Very sad but a lovely memorial and resting place to an obviously dearly loved chap.

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