First Impressions: Paramo Velez Adventure Trousers

The Third Element jacket has shown just how well Paramo can integrate into a lightweight backpacking system. Weight has always been one of the drawbacks for Paramo, not withstanding the fact that this is possibly the best ever kit for wearing in heavy rain.

A few years ago now Paramo reduced the weight of the inner ‘pump liner’ layer when they introduced the Alta II. More recently the Velez smock was released in a version that used a lighter outer layer. I didn’t get as excited as some folks about this mainly because the weight saving was so little really.

I got a bit more interested with the announcement of the Velex Adventure trousers, not just because these use the same lightweight outer layer but because they have a very different fit.

Most of us who walk in Paramo waterprooofs use the Cascada trousers. These are very effective but the cut is somewhat bizarre. The legs are incredibly wide. It’s as if they’ve been designed for people with thighs the size of North American Redwood trunks. Paramo’s styling can be a bit odd. Apparently the women’s brief introduced a few years ago were really weird, although they’ve now been superceeded with something I’m told is far more acceptable.

The Cascadas do their job, there’s no doubt about that. But I do get fed up strolling along with all of this material flapping around my legs.

I got to have a look at the new Velez trousers at the Paramo store in Covent Garden earlier in the week and I was quite impressed. Somehow, the weight saving on these seems far greater than that found on the change in the Velez smocks. Maybe it is because they’re using a whole lot less fabric.

I didn’t have long to play with these or to buy a pair but they would seem to be well worth checking out. If you’re thinking of buying a pair of Paramo waterproof trousers this winter I’d start right here and pass over the Cascadas.

Now, the big question is …

… do I really need a pair?


  1. If they fit I think you should buy them ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have yet to try a pair but from what I’ve read they sound fantastic! They may be my next pair of winter trousers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jonathan Quirk says

    I was a little taken aback at the price given the price of Cascada trousers relative to a Cascada jacket I thought that Velez trousers would work out less than the Cascadas. I’ll need to find a deep discount before I’m tempted.

  3. Jonathan, yep they are expensive and you’d think hard before replacing Cascadas with these, but if you need a new pair!

  4. I tried the Cascada’s a few years ago and the fit on me was awful. The crotch was way too low and flappy and the leg length was really absurdly long. It might be worthwhile me checking the velez trousers out but to be honest its a shed-full of money for them….

  5. I have the same problem as Dave, with the cascada trouser. My cascada jackets is the same great fit in the body but arms are way to long.

    That’s the problem being short and dumpy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh dear – now I’m worried about my leg -I find my cascadas fit me perfectly! Did you get a chance to look at the ‘sleeves’ Paramo is selling?

  7. Sorry that should read ‘legs’……….

  8. I’ve heard some negative reports regarding the durability of the Velez Adventure Smock face fabric – the guy in the outdoors shop in Braemar inparticular stated that it was “less durable than Pertex”. Assuming the same fabric is used, is this the most appropriate fabric for a pair of trousers? I notice there’s a couple of different shades of fabric used – is this reinforcement?

  9. Oh, and I own a Velez Adventure Smock (not the Adventure Light) and I’m inclined to disagree with the guy in Braemar…..

  10. V. interesting!

    Though the question Phil raises about durability is a good one. My Cascadas have frayed near the bottoms of the legs, and I think there’s even a small hole. One side zip has broken too, though of course that’s a separate issue, and I’ve no doubt they’ll replace it for me, free of charge. Still, though. I’d be a little wary of buying something even less durable than Cascadas as a main walking trouser, especially if they’re very expensive.

    *goes to take a look*

  11. Hmmm… having seen the price of these new thingies, I’ve posted a bit of a rant over on my blog.

  12. Colin Ibbotson says

    Light but how does under 200g for Paramo style waterproof trousers sound? Just happens to be my lastest project! Tested the 1st generation last weekend with very good results.

  13. I agree with George, I am short and dumpy too ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also agree with Phil T. I have a Velez smock and its very durable

  14. Anyone know if they have loops on the waist band for a pair of braces? They look pretty good for ski touring to me. Very interesting…

  15. neil sutherland says

    I got myself a Velez light smock a few months back which has been brilliant in the crap weather we had in Scotland over much of the summer. It almost makes my Aspira redundant (almost!) So I decided to get a pair of the velez light trousers. The large were a great fit roomy everywhere apart from the thighs , now I take a lot of exercise and my thighs are muscled but I am hardly Chris Hoy. They would be fine for walking, but just far too restrictive for anything else. I am sure I wont be alone in finding that Paramo have just slimmed the shape down a wee bit too much in the wrong area.

  16. Rob Brownfield says

    I would suggest the chap in Braemar is worried as the chap in Aboyne not only has a better range, he also does made To measure clothing from the same analogy fabric that paramo uses. My velez adventure has had no issues at all in 3 years of very hard use indeed. The local mountain rescue have moved over to paramo too. That’s about the best recommendation you can get.

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