Colin Ibbotson: Peg Trowel PDF

We all have one of those orange plastic toilet trowel things. They weigh very little. But Colin is not one to pass over a challenge. On this year’s TGO Challenge Phil Turner had made his own lighter version. Colin was fascinated (and more than a little jealous). Of course he has now perfected the design and you can read about it — and copy — it here.

The Peg Trowel


  1. This is great! I long ago cut down both the blade and the handle of my orange trowel, and it’s no worse that way than in its original state. But its original state has never been all that good. A Blizzard stake is in my future, for sure. Thanks Phil and Colin!

  2. Very good Colin. Simple and works. I use the Orange one from Bob but like that a lot.

  3. I’m honoured!

    I LOVE the design, Colin’s a genius. Just to explain my decision to use duct/gaffer tape for the handle – this is to add a third use for the item, that of a tape dispenser. I’m aware that some people use their poles for this purpose, but I’ve never been into that (it gets all dirty and wet). The size of the peg trowel handle means you can use it to carry several types of tape if you so desire (Leukotape or something) though I must admit I just use several turns of gaffer. Obviously this tape adds to the weight somewhat, but if returned to the basic two turns of tape and half a cork arrangement it’s a whole 28g. But it’s nowhere near as pretty as the Ibbotson Incisor….

  4. Totally brilliant – and something even I could put together.

  5. Jon Hancock says:

    Curses! My trowel – a tiny affair from a window box gardening set – was the one piece of kit I had that was smaller and lighter than anything of Colin’s! 😀

  6. Peewiglet says:

    Excellent stuff! I’m definitely going to try my crubeen at making one of these. I saw Phil’s original, and was sorely tempted to try to whizz it out of his pack when he wasn’t looking. I managed to restrain myself, but it wasn’t easy *g*

  7. I’ve actually found a way to dispense with the need to carry a separate toilet trowel. Once Andy has lifted the secret-embargo I’ll reveal more!

  8. Phil, I’m getting worried 🙂

  9. Thanks Colin/Andy, I’ve just made mine. 32g, 1g heavier than Colin’s. Rats!

  10. Scotty says:

    Um…what’s wrong with just using the peg by itself? They’re not that sharp…

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