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New Model Journalism

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I’m fascinated by new models of journalism and by the debate that rages between traditionalists and modern free thinkers such as New York’s Jeff Jarvis (Director of Journalism at New York’s Graduate School of Journalism).

Of course, the real issue at the heart of this is how we recognise quality journalism and how new models of work can financially support skilled journalists.

An email update this morning reminded me that the left — and union journalists — have just has much to say on this kind of subject that the Murdoch’s do! is run by Alex Klaushofer and Tim Dawson. It is useful source of information on how this debate is playing out in the UK, particularly in the regional media. The site was founded out of a conference hosted by the National Union of Journalists.

As Alex and Tim put it:

With its traditional revenue model failing, the hunt is on for new models to sustain quality journalism. There’s a lot going on – new media technologies and platforms are developing fast, while enterprising individuals and communities are launching media start-ups and experimenting with different forms of journalism.

Yet opinions diverge widely about the merits of these emerging models, and how far they provide an answer to the key question of how to finance journalism. This site offers a space for the scrutiny of new developments, and a forum to debate their implications. We aim to follow the latest thinking and practice through reports, case studies and reviews. Please feel free to comment on posts, or to get in touch with us directly to share your news and views.

It’s our unabashed assumption that the changing fortunes of journalism are about much more than business models or the opportunities of the digital age. The future shape of the media will determine how far it is able to continue its traditional functions of scrutinising the powerful, offering a window on the world and promoting the debate vital to a democratic society.

This is one for all political bloggers to have a look at.


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November 11th, 2010 at 12:28 pm

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